Wednesday, February 24, 2010

For Jan 22

This day we started to really study meditation. I learned that you have to be willing to sit, and be open to what surfaces in the mind. Most importantly, I learned that when you start to get uncomfortable, THAT is the time to keep sitting, because then you will start to work through things, or at least recognize what issues need attention. If you always get up when you start to feel agitated, it will take much longer to work out your issues.

Practice was challenging, and towards the end, my muscles felt super tired - weak, but good. I find that with the harder practices, my breathing speeds up, making it hard to keep my movements slow and steady. If breath leads and movement follows, it's difficult to keep a smooth, slow pace. Then, when I'm trying to focus on slowing down my breathing, I have trouble fine tuning the poses.

All of this makes me feel like I am moving to fast, but yet I need to keep up with the class. It makes it hard to know what I should prioritize.


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