Wednesday, February 24, 2010

For Jan 23

I came into class on the 23rd with a lackluster attitude. I recognized that, gave myself a few minutes to respect the fact that that was where I was. I questioned why I was feeling that way, and then I resolved to change my attitude through my practice.

The mini lecture that we started practice with was about right attitudes - ha! We were encouraged to start with the right attitude, but I couldn't, even though I tried. So I stuck to my original resolution, that I would use practice to work through my bad attitude. And I did! Especially with the part where we breathed in a sequence - beginning, middle, and end... matching it to the beginning, middle, and end of each movement in our sun salutations.

I found that toward the end of practice, I was actually looking forward to meditation! And when we were done, I wanted to sit longer!

Talk about a change in attitude - and it was a great feeling. :)


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