Tuesday, January 19, 2010

3rd Day of Teacher Training

On my third day of teacher training, I was worried. The week was already wearing me out, I didn't get to leave work right on the dot like I'd hoped, and I was feeling a little bit overwhelmed with the anatomy reading. Then, a lightbulb when off in my head, and I remembered that anatomy wasn't due until Saturday! So I went back to being excited about class. ;)

One of the books we are using in class is a Rodney Yee guide to starting a home practice. It's divided into 8 weeks, and it focuses on a different aspect of the mental component of yoga every week, while integrating the poses that help achieve that aspect. Within the week, there is an initial practice that teaches the poses, with three stages within each pose. Then there are five more days of practice that builds on the initial one, and a day for meditation and rest. In class, we practice day 1 of each week together, learning the three stages of each pose so that we can teach to all levels.

So that's what we did on Wednesday - Day 1, Week 1. I've said it before - I'm becoming a broken record. But every time I say it, it's true. I am continually amazed at how vigorous a basic practice can be when you are really fine tuning each pose.

What I'm learning more and more is that it is much harder, and much more rewarding, to constantly move within the pose. I used to think the goal was to hold a pose, to be still, but still breathing. I'm learning now that this isn't the case. There should be constant movement in the pose, no matter how minute, as you check in with each part of the body, scanning from toes to the top of the head, and realigning. And even beyond that, with the inhale and exhale, there should be two movements one opening, one deepening.

If you do that, it doesn't matter how basic the practice is, you'll be working hard, and reaping the rewards.


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