Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Furry Complications

Yoga and dogs don't always mix.

In the past, my dogs have often been confused by yoga. To them, me being down on the floor means playtime. Usually though, a few stern words and they get the hint and just lay down beside me, and I find solace in their presence.

Tonight was a different story. I got knocked out of tree pose. My hand was licked during a spinal twist. And the best part of all, a huge jolly ball was dropped on my belly during shivasana.

Laying there with the wind practically knocked out of me, I pondered the fact that you must be flexible in more than the physical sense to practice yoga. I ended my practice with a hip rub for the dog, who has hip dysplasia and was obviously jealous of the love I was giving my own muscles. He loves laying on my mat, which usually annoys me. But tonight I decided to go with the flow, and share the happiness that comes from limber muscles and a quiet mind.

Namaste (and woof!)

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  1. LOL!!! Love it....but this is definitely life trying to mix with lifestyle!