Monday, December 28, 2009

Winter Cold

I've been fighting it for days I think, but finally surrendered. I have a cold. Yesterday, I was not really functioning. No balance, achey all over, and all stuffed up... all of that does not add up to a good yoga practice.

I threw in the towel, and just did some restorative poses while laying in bed, and just trying to balance my breathing was enough to wear me out!

I know I've read a lot about how yoga can be therapeutic for sick days, but I was too tired to care! I guess that is something to add to my 'sick day plan'. That's a concept I learned for diabetic care - to have a plan of foods you will eat that will feel good when your stomach is upset, but won't spike blood sugar the way normal comfort foods do, to know what medicines will have affects on your sugar levels, etc. Now I need to plan ahead for what yoga postures would help alleviate symptoms without wearing me out.

A little planning probably would have gone a long way yesterday.


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