Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Yoga at Work

Part of this cold is achey, painful joints that feel like they are on fire. And sitting at a desk all day doesn't help. By midday yesterday, it actually hurt to sit in my chair.

When my office mate was at lunch, I took the opportunity to do some yoga in the office. There weren't going to be any downward dogs in my nice dress, but I made it work.

I did a lot of modified sun salutations, spent some time in powerful pose, stretched my arms and neck, and did some spinal twists. After 20 minutes, the phone hadn't rung once, no new emails came in, and I felt much better! I topped it off with a couple laps around the building when my office mate returned.

Afterwards, it was much more comfortable to sit in my office chair and work through the rest of the day.


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