Tuesday, December 1, 2009

The Last Day of November?

I can't believe December is here already!
Today is the last day of November, and I am having trouble reconciling with that.
I went to the Doctor today, and my blood pressure, which was already typically in the low end of the normal range, was even lower. They tested it three times to be sure. It's not dangerously low, but it's in the 'athlete/child' range of low. They asked what I was doing different, and I said daily yoga and a vegan diet. That is really the only changes I've made.
I hope this is a good sign of the positive effects my lifestyle changes are having on my body!
The Doctor also commended me on my weight loss, and tighter control of my blood sugar. It felt good to hear that all my hard work is paying off in a physical way.
So to celebrate, I tackled a pose tonight that I find very difficult - side plank. I don't know if it's because I'm generally getting stronger, or if it's because I went into my practice with increased confidence, but I found the pose much easier to get into tonight, and definitely easier to stay in, at least for a little bit.
Here's to increased strength, better health, and new challenges!

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