Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Breathing Exercise Bliss

Tonight, I did a wonderful series of breathing exercises aimed at relaxing the whole body. As always, my favorite part was when the breathing was combined with spinal twists. I wonder what that says about my body? I've been told by massage therapists that I hold my stress in my upper back, between the shoulder blades. Is that why I feel so much benefit from supine twists?

I keep saying I need a massage, and I keep saying I'm going to get one. But it just hasn't happened yet. Tonight though, during my practice, I felt like I really needed it, to loosen those tense muscles in my back and neck that are so hard to relax.

One more thought before I close. When I was finished tonight, I didn't want to move. I didn't want to get up and do the things I had to do before turning in for the night. And I mean REALLY didn't. I was so comfortable, so relaxed, and so content to just lay there enjoying the good feelings that my practice had brought. So that makes me wonder too - what does everyone else feel? What do yoga masters feel? Sometimes I'm energized to really live my daily life. But sometimes, like tonight, I just want to cover up with a blanket and be still. Is that a good thing?


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