Monday, November 2, 2009

Lunar Flow Inspiration

Today, I went to the Ko'olina Lagoons. I walked the path around the lagoons, had an ocean front lunch, snorkeled along the rock walls, and then laid on the grass, soaking up the sun. While I laid there, I thought of Lunar Flow, and how you are supposed to imagine standing in front of the sea with a full moon shining down, and that this was the perfect inspiration for that meditation.

So tonight, I practiced with my Lunar Flow CD, and used the beautiful seascapes from today as my mental images.

I always have trouble with one aspect of this meditation, and that's centering my image in my imagination. For some reason, I struggle with lining everything up - my imaginary self, the coastline in front of me, the waves breaking, and the moon shining down. My mind wants to set everything from an angle, as if my dominant eye is even more dominant when my eyes are closed and they aren't actually seeing anything.

Having a real image helped with this a little bit, but didn't eradicate the problem. For me, having things lined up is key to relaxation. But which is more important - to be able to line everything up by flexing my mental muscles, or to be able to let the need for the line up go, and relax even with my meditation offset at an angle? I'm really not sure. I'm guessing though that both are worthwhile pursuits when meditating.


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