Saturday, November 7, 2009

Climbing back...

After a lot of off days, a lot of slow days, today I felt the need to climb back up on my yoga wagon. I felt relaxed and strong, and ready to go. But it turns out, more slow days than challenging days have weakened me more than I thought. So as I settled in for an hour of Power Yoga, I found myself petering out much before the end.

But that's ok, right? My climb is going to take a little longer than I thought.

In Meditations from the Mat, Gates says we have to practice without attachment to results. And that is so hard for me, and probably for most Americans. If I'm not attached to my results, it's hard to stay attached to the practice. It's hard for me to stay honest in my endeavors if I don't think I need to be attached to the outcome. I think that grey area has helped me end up where I am today, realizing that I've slacked too much, and made too many excuses. If it's always ok to not push yourself too much, it's easy to not push at all.

No guilt though. Just understanding. So I need to work a little harder, just to keep myself honest.

Another interesting thought from Meditations this week was this: The questions will be followed by the answers, the answers by action, and the action by growth.

To be able to follow this, I have to be able to trust that I am always honest with myself, or else my answers may be fraudulent, and lead me off the best path.


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