Sunday, November 8, 2009

Slow Motion Study

Last night, after I finished my practice, I watched more of a Rodney Yee DVD in both slow motion, and double time speed. Slow motion allowed me to see small tweaks he was making to the poses that are hard to notice in regular motion, and even harder when you are in the pose yourself, only partially watching the screen. And double time speed allowed me to see more of a flow to the sequences and breath together, and have a better bigger picture of how an entire sequence should work together.

So today, I paid attention to those things I noticed while practicing, and I think it really helped. I was able to draw my leg up from downward dog into lunge with less struggle, I felt more muscles being stretched in forward bend, and I could really feel the difference in my abs during standing back bend.

And all that was just from reviewing a DVD I've done many times, but in a different way. A little change in perspective can make a world of difference!


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