Sunday, November 15, 2009

Still feeling inspired!

The glow from my wonderful day yesterday has carried through to today!
I slept in a little bit because last night was such a late night, and then made a pot of coffee.
When I went out with the dogs, it was shaping up to be a rainy day, and I was excited about it.
I went to a craft show and picked up some local, handmade gifts for Christmas and caught up with friends.
Then, I headed out to the beach. I figured it was cool, overcast, and rainy... so it would probably be empty. But if there's one thing you learn in Hawaii - the beach is never empty!!! I walked and enjoyed the 'winter' weather, and had a yummy sandwich.
Driving home, I caught my first Koolau Waterfalls - the kind that only spring up on a rainy day. Driving in the Jeep, playing Jack Johnson on the radio... I felt totally at peace.

I tell you all this because two wonderful days in a row inspired me in my practice. I chose a vigorous sequence of standing poses, and in each one, I could feel my torso rising up. It was as if my light mood was helping me lift out of the pose in a way I'd never been able to do before.

Afterwards, in shivasana, I focused on the mental images of beauty I captured today - the beach, the waves, the waterfalls. Wonderful. And I mean that by it's true definition - full of wonder. That's how I feel.


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