Saturday, November 21, 2009

Letting Go

Today, I read words in Meditations that seemed like they were written just for me. Gates said, "In the end, it is not about control, but about letting go." He talked about how this is an attitude that is cultivated on the mat during your asanas, but that you must also take into your daily life. He talks about choosing to react in the ways of your old bad habits, or choosing to react in ways that help you be the person you want to be. Whether it's a situation you can't control in a store, with your job, or in some other arena, you have to realize that you are only in control of how you react, and the best way to do so is to let it go.

My Mom hasn't written a book, but she's said it to me a million times. "Just let it go Kris." And I resist to that so much.

In yoga, it's natural for me to let go. I can't always do it, but it happens often enough that when I can't, it's very noticeable to me. But in my daily life, this is definitely a struggle for me.

I've brought breath work off the mat and into the rest of my day. Now I need to bring this ability to let go off the mat as well.


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