Thursday, November 19, 2009

Good Day, Good Practice

Today was a really good day. Traffic was exceptionally light, and my commute was cut in half. I had time to walk to the gas station to buy some pickled mango, and had a wonderful conversation, in true aloha spirit, with the clerk. It's not often that you can say a gas station clerk brightened your day! She was a sweetheart.

The weather was gorgeous, so I enjoyed the walk to and from the station, and then later on, I got outside with the dog I'm caring for, and we enjoyed the weather too.

Today was an early day for me, so when I left, I rolled the windows down, turned up the music, and got some errands done while I enjoyed the sun and the breeze. I went to a class, and then to a meeting, and then headed for home, still with plenty of energy for yoga.

I did a lot of standing balance poses, meditated in tree pose, really stretched out my forward bend, and then was joined by one of the pups for Shivasana.

And now I'm beat, ready for bed, and looking forward to tomorrow! :)


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