Saturday, September 19, 2009

I almost forgot!

Tonight, I did a practice from Yoga Journal that was all about centering, bringing the focus inward, and quieting the senses. I thought I didn't do very well with those goals, but yet I almost forgot to log on and blog! Maybe I am a little withdrawn from the outside world right now. ;)

Seriously though, the practice was interesting. I felt fidgety, and tried hard to keep bringing my focus back. At the end, I thought it had been to fast, and that I hadn't spent enough time on each pose obviously, since I was done so quickly. But when I looked at the clock, much more time had passed then I realized. Does that mean I was off in la-la land and distracted without realizing it? Or was I really tuning out from the outside world, and tuning in to my body and breath, and losing track of time by doing so?

I'm not sure of the answers tonight, and I'm really too tired to think about it anymore, since I'm doing this so late!


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