Sunday, September 27, 2009

The Power of Repetition

I'm in a sleepwalking daze, so tomorrow I might find this makes no sense. Today, I'm noticing the power of repetition, and I imagine what is the beginnings of habit.

After a wonderful morning and afternoon of snorkeling, beach going, and sight seeing, I was exhausted. I took a 'nap' which turned into much more. Luckily, my husband woke me up to remind me I hadn't done yoga yet. I crawled out of bed, grabbed my mat, and went through an entire practice by memory, without a struggle.

It amazed me that with my brain effectively turned off since I was still so groggy, my body took over and I flowed through the whole series. I guess that's muscle memory right? And it makes me feel like daily practice is truly turning into a habit!

But, now I'm crawling back into bed. ;)


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