Monday, September 28, 2009

My arms are changing.

Seriously. My arms are changing, and I love it! I recognize that physical appearance should be one of the lesser concerns in my pursuit of yoga, but it does make me happy to see the physical changes right there in front of my face. It's 'proof in the pudding', and yes, my arms were about as hard as pudding before!

Probably, most people wouldn't notice the changes. But that's ok, because I do. My triceps are starting to have visible definition, and my biceps are getting firmer. Even the area often called 'armpit chest' is getting more toned, less soft.

I think all of this comes from chaturanga dandasana (push up position). So tonight, I went back to Solar Flow, because Shiva uses that pose alot, and encourages you to hover in it. By the end of practice, I was really feeling it in the arms, and I'm happy about it!

This is really reinforcing the fact that when something seems difficult, it's worth the extra attention and hard work to master it. I haven't come close to mastering chaturanga dandasana, but I've been putting so much effort into, and I know that's why I'm reaping these physical rewards.


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