Thursday, September 3, 2009

From Anger to Bliss

This evening I could feel anger welling up inside me, and I don't really know where it was coming from. I had no patience, no empathy. Even kittens were annoying me! Kittens!

I thought that it was a good opportunity to try the new Yoga for Stress Relief DVD that arrived yesterday. From the many options, I chose 'Evening Yoga to Quiet the Mind'. It was calming, but I was still not feeling at ease even after 40 minutes, so I added another sequence for quieting the mind that was similar to Yoga Nidra. The DVD guides you through a relaxation exercise that is very detailed and slow.

There is a certain point of relaxation that I actually find uncomfortable. When I did Biofeedback Therapy, I learned that I can relax my muscles beyond the point that most people can, but at a certain point, it begins to feel like a loss of control for me, and conversely, I start to get anxious. With this DVD, I actually got to that point of relaxation again, which is amazing. I've never gotten there without someone else guiding me into it. Because of Biofeedback, I recognize the feelings of unease for what they are, and can slowly take a few mental steps back to my comfort zone, which I did tonight.

Having completed the two sequences, I can't even imagine why I was so angry before. And I really don't even want to think about it! I just want to dwell in this sense of peace I have now, and enjoy it.


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