Monday, September 14, 2009

Right Action

Today's Meditation from the Mat is so good, I wish I could quote the whole thing! I am really enjoying this book, and looking forward to working through it with the same enthusiasm I have for a good fiction novel.

The entry today is all about the right path, the right action, and working towards knowing ourselves, and what is good for us.

I've heard it talked about so much on shows like Oprah, and in magazines, and I truly believe that the ability to say 'no' is a very empowering thing. We are raised, at least as women, to give as much of ourselves as we can. The more we are able to do, the more successful we are. As a person who loves to volunteer, I always feel a little guilty saying no. But I'm getting better at it.

In the last week, I've been exercising this ability. And I'm really working on not feeling guilty about it, as long as I'm saying no for the right reasons. If I'm saying no to avoid overextending myself, to avoid a precarious situation that I don't think is right for me, or to enable someone else to act and think for themselves instead of relying on others, then these are all good times to say no.

But I'm not saying no to yoga of course! Even with my arm hurting, and feeling a little run down from all the stress of the last week, I'm saying YES to yoga, which is of course saying YES to myself!

Today I practiced with power yoga again. It's amazing how a few 'easy' days to let my arm rest have shown their effects in the rest of my body. But it felt good to do a slightly more vigorous routine, though it was far from difficult. I'll build back up to that, and feel great while doing it!


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