Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Full House

We've got a full house for a couple of weeks. Family arrived today from upstate New York, and in a tiny 2br, 1ba house, double the people equals quite a crowd ! I'm going to have to be extra dedicated to carve out the quiet time and space for yoga for the next two weeks.

I squeezed in today's practice while my husband was en route to the airport. I don't like to think of yoga as something I 'squeeze in', but some days, that's just the reality. It's better than just pushing it aside completely, right?

With my arm sore from having the burn irrigated today, I focused on my legs. I deepened my lunges, balanced my strength between both legs, and really stretched those heels in downward dog.

It felt great to really work my legs, but more importantly, it felt like I was doing the right thing to choose to create that mental space in my head and in my heart.


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