Thursday, September 10, 2009

Yoga is like...

Yoga is like hitting the reset button on a bad mood. Thank goodness for Yoga. :)

I just want to mention a few things I'm noticing. Camel pose, which I detested in the past, is getting easier, and more fluid. And my standing forward bend is starting to truly represent a forward fold, or at least it feels that way, like I'm bending into two perfect halves. And last but not least, today, I was able to catch those wandering thoughts, and toss them aside. Hence the reset button. I'm feeling much better now, and so happy that I have Yoga to help me work through the obstacles in life.

On another note, today's Mediation from the Mat says, "The truth is that any demon honestly met becomes a friend, and our friends should be treated wisely if we wish them to remain our friends." I'm not able to wrap my head around this tonight. Is a demon met honestly your friend because you learn from it, grow from the experience, and become a better person? But if the demon stays the same... then why would you want to remain friends?

Too much deep thinking... I'd rather ride the wave of calm that came with my practice tonight!


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