Sunday, September 6, 2009

Power Yoga Vinyasa Flow

I feel good! And strong! Tonight, I did an intermediate Rodney Yee DVD - Power Yoga Vinyasa Flow. It was challenging, but it felt fantastic. I haven't been in Wheel pose (a full back bend) in a long time, so that was a nice change.

Huffing and puffing into that back bend reminded me of days when I could do back bends, walkovers, and all kinds of other gymnastics positions all day long without batting an eye. Where does that flexibility go? And when did I start to feel so heavy? I don't remember ever thinking 'Oh Gosh, my arms might collapse under my own weight' when I was a kid. I could walk around in a back bend like an inverted crab, and never felt too weak for it.

More importantly, where does that confidence in our bodies go? I never doubted myself, the thought of it didn't even cross my mind. But now, I'm filled with doubt. Will I be able to get up onto my head? Can I push up into the position? Can I hold it? Can I extend? Will I collapse? Doubt, doubt, doubt!

I did it though. It wasn't my prettiest back bend, and not my strongest. But I did it, and afterward, I think I was probably glowing with pride. Tonight my confidence got a boost, and self doubt got a swift kick in the ass.

Thank you Yoga!


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