Saturday, September 12, 2009

Does Yoga Have a Rule of 3's?

I ask, because today I burned my arm, on the inside below my wrist. I did a pretty bang up job of it too. It's salved and bandaged now, and as committed to my practice as I am, I'm not going to be doing any downward dogs today, that's for sure.

But here's what I did instead. I used yoga in a practical way. While waiting at the clinic, they told me to stop icing it, which really made my pain level spike. So I used pranayama (controlled breathing) techniques I've learned in yoga to help me through it. I laid on my back, and did a body scan, just like in yoga nidra, and then used breathing to work through the pain, and wait patiently. I envisioned breathing into the wound, with the healing power of breath swirling around the pain and helping me to heal. It was a very calming exercise, even if it wasn't really a formal practice.

What better way to practice yoga though, then to use what I've learned to help me in life?


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