Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Teacher Training?

Today, I'm thinking about my career path, my passion, and what impact I want to make with my life. I have been considering yoga teacher training for a while now. Thus far, I put it off because I wasn't physically ready. As I get stronger every day with my daily yoga practice, I realize that it would be very easy to always think I wasn't ready. There will always be room for improvement, and weaknesses to overcome. So when do you know it's time?

There is an upcoming 200 hour teacher training session, starting in January. I think by January, with daily practice, I'd be up to the challenge. But the timing isn't great with the rest of my life. Signing up then would create a major scheduling conflict between my husband and I. But will there ever be a 'just right' time?

I was doing Power Yoga this evening, thinking about how I would change the routine if it were 'my' routine... does that mean I'm cultivating the teacher within? Or is it just time to switch to a new 'every day' routine?

I'm full of questions tonight, but not so many answers. ;)


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  1. There will never be a "right" time....AND if you keep putting off your dreams, how will that make you feel? I strongly think you should give it a try!!!! It may give you something all your own to hold onto.