Friday, October 30, 2009

Back to my Headstand Challenge

Ok, so tonight, I was feeling pretty good, so I returned to my headstand challenge. I practiced on my own, mostly pulling from the Power Yoga tape, since I have that routine memorized, and adding a few things that I like.

Towards the end, I did some of the preparatory poses for headstand, and then tried to get up into it, knowing I wouldn't, but at least exercising the muscles. One side is definitely stronger. If I try to lift up with my left leg first to establish the stance, I get closer, and feel more stable than I do on the right.

And just like I said yesterday, I feel like limber, strong version of me is trapped inside this other version. The gymnast of my youth and runner of my early twenties is there, egging me on, showing me that I can do it in my mind.

I'll keep trying, until I can do it in reality!


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