Monday, October 12, 2009


Simplicity has been my theme today, even before I realized it.

I am a relatively neat person, and I'm not fond of clutter. While picking up around the house today, I was thinking about the surfaces, and if they had too many things on them. Obviously, the concept of Aparigraha is sticking with me.

Then I opened the kitchen cabinets, and was struck by how many glasses I have. There are only two of us, and we've never had more than 6 guests at a time, so why do I have over 30 glasses? I certainly don't need that many. Time to clean out the cabinets, and donate.

Later, I was thinking about how I could really use some more streamlining in my organization, to keep it simple. It's not always an easy task, but once it's done, every day chores are easier.

I really do love simplicity. It makes me happy and content.

For my yoga practice, I chose Lunar Flow again, the Shiva Rea CD I recently purchased. It is one of the most simple practices I do, with a series of Lunar Salutations that repeat over and over and over. First with cues, then just with the mantra, and then just the music. As simple as it starts out, Shiva takes it a step further, stripping away one layer and then another, until it just you, your body, and the music. Simplicity.

Then I read my Meditations from the Mat entry. It started with Lynyrd Skynyrd lyrics, "All that I want for you, my son, is to be satisfied. And be a simple kind of man, someone you can love and understand..."

And that sums up my day, doesn't it? I want to lead a simple, satisfied life full of love and understanding. I think most people do, but not so many realize it. Even fewer know how to do it. Recognizing how much simplicity satisfies me is a step toward that goal for me.


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