Monday, October 19, 2009

Time for a Challenge

One of my goals when I started this daily practice was to be able to flow through Sun Salutations from plank to chaturanga to upward dog to downward dog with strength and grace. And guess what? After 64 days of yoga, I can. Ok, well maybe not with grace, but I can do it without struggling.

It's funny that today is when I noticed that I'd accomplished that goal. The timing was perfect for my next challenge.

A friend asked me today if I did the 'kind of yoga where you stand on your head'. I had to admit, that no, I do not. Headstands have always intimidated me. Even as a kid in gymnastics, I enjoyed handstands, and shied away from headstands. Maybe it came from my chronic headaches, and my fear of ever putting pressure on my head. Either way, it stuck with me, and even now, I avoid headstands at all costs.

I know now that it's actually about arm strength, core strength, and balance. It's not the pressure on the head and neck that scared me as a kid. But I still avoid it.

With one challenge overcome today, I think I'm perfectly poised to make headstand my next challenge. I worked on a few prep poses today after a series of sun salutations. I've been instructed on how to do them before, though I didn't give it my full effort. Now that's going to change! I am excited for the day that I can come post that I've overcome this challenge too!


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