Thursday, October 22, 2009

Some days...

Some days, it just doesn't work. Today I've been struggling with my blood sugar levels, and tonight, when I went to practice, they were really  high. And when they are high, I feel funny - lethargic and antsy all at the same time. Unable to get comfortable, cranky, and impatient - that's me.

Normally, I settle in to do yoga, and immediately start to feel at ease. But not today. I just couldn't get with it. I'm having an off day. I decided that was ok, and ended my practice early.

I read somewhere, maybe in Meditations from the Mat, that yesterday's practice is a reminder of the potential for today. Tonight, I'm thinking about it a little differently. I'm not going to get discouraged by today's practice, because just sticking with it gives me hope that tomorrow will be better.


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