Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Relaxing, Day 2

Tonight, I practiced Yoga Nidra. I haven't tried Yoga Nidra in a long time, and I think it went pretty well. There was one glaring area of my body that I couldn't relax. My big toe. I find that comical, but it's true.  As my body relaxed, and I felt as if I was sinking down into myself, my big toe seemed to throb even more, and rise away from my body as if to shout, "hello, pay attention to me!"

I guess that means I need to pay attention to my toe! ;) I had surgery at the base of that toe years ago, and it's never been 100% ever since. I'm not sure if it took a certain level of relaxation for me to notice, or if it would have stood out like that tonight no matter what. Either way, I'll be giving it some loving in the form of comfortable shoes tomorrow.

I am continually surprised at the wide range of realizations that come to me during the different types of practices I try.  66 days of yoga has brought me up, down, and all around. And as usual, I am excited to see what comes next!


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