Thursday, October 15, 2009


Yesterday was a busy day. I practiced early in the day, for about an hour, because I knew it was going to be a long night. When the day was finally over, I crashed into bed for a heavy night's sleep.

And totally forgot to blog! Horrors! ;)

So, to sum it up a day late... I did a "wake up" practice meant to get the body going, and it felt great. I read the last entry on Aparigraha in Meditations for the Mat. And when my errands went awry, and I was really building up steam and about to blow from dealing with our health care system, I asked myself what I was really angry about. What did I need to let go?

The answer was glaringly obvious. I was really angry that I had no control over how others do their job, or how the government makes things as simple as allergy medicine into very complicated tasks. I was really angry that nobody that I ran into cared even a little bit about how ridiculous the problems were, and that they weren't willing to help even a little bit if it wasn't required. I was really angry that I felt powerless and abandoned.

And I needed to let that go. So I did. And today, with a fresh start, I got my medicine, and I got the appointments I needed. And I was able to smile at the pharmacist when she marveled at how well my persistence paid off.

It's good to let things go, let anger go, and smile at the end.


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