Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Trying to Enjoy Abs

Today, I read my mediation earlier, and it was about finding joy and contentment in the activities of daily life. All day, I worked on this.

When I was vacuuming, I considered how lucky I was to have a nice home, a great vacuum cleaner, and two wonderful dogs to clean up after. When I was washing dishes, I enjoyed the actual dishes, because they are simple and plain, and make me happy. I cleaned appliances and focused on the fact that I have the time and energy to do this, as a stay at home wife.

I wasn't perfect. I slipped into negative thinking a lot. But I continued to recall my thoughts, and focus on the positive.

When it was finally time for yoga, I did yoga for abs, which is still my weakest practice. It was an opportunity to focus on the challenge, on the opportunity to strengthen my core, and recognize how lucky I am that other facets of my practice come easily.

And even though many things didn't go 'right' today, I feel like it was a good day. A happy day.


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